Audi beats NIO in court that will not be able to? use the names ES6 and ES8 in Germany


For NIO, carving out a space for itself in the European market will not be a challenge. easy. For the Chinese manufacturer, the impossibility now arrives. to use the names ES6 and ES8 in Germany should it decide to market these models in the country. We recall, in fact, that Audi had decided to take NIO to court, for an alleged violation of the Volkswagen Group's trademark rights. The problem specifically concerned the ES6 and ES8 electric SUVs. These are names judged by the German brand too similar to those of its S6 and S8 models. The legal dispute is a matter of course. lasted a long time but, in the end, according to reports from the German press, the court of Monaco confirmed the house of the 4 rings. The names of the Chinese automaker's electric SUVs are too similar to those of the German manufacturer.

Although the judge noted that NIO's model names are still partially different from those of Audi, the letter " It's is not serious; enough to distinguish the cars of the two brands as people may identify NIO's vehicles as electric models of Audi.

There is a risk that consumers assume that the "ES 6" both the "S 6" in the electric version, that the two vehicles come from the same manufacturer. There is therefore a danger of confusion.

Therefore, NIO will not be able to do so. market its ES6 and ES8 models in Germany using the original names. Any violations will be punished with a fine of 250,000 euros or six months' imprisonment for the head of the Chinese manufacturer's German operations. NIO does, however, have the ability to do so. to appeal. We'll see what happens.

It is worth noting that these models are not yet available in Germany. Just to avoid further legal issues, NIO had decided to launch its ES7 model in Europe, under the name of EL7. Of course, Audi has taken the lead. said she was satisfied with the court's decision, stating that her brands are “of paramount importance” and that it must "protect them completely".

There is no difference between Audi and NIO. certainly the first dispute over names in the automotive sector. All that remains is to wait to see if NIO will try to do it. to appeal to change the court decision.

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