Volkswagen ID.7, new details of the air conditioning system of the electric sedan


At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Volkswagen gave a first glimpse of the ID.7, an electric sedan that will be available in the future. officially presented in the second quarter of 2023. On the market, in China and in Europe, it will arrive; later this year. In the United States, however, in 2024. Showing the car still equipped with a livery designed to hide the details of the design, the German car manufacturer had briefly spoken about the particular climate control system of the car. Now, the brand has provided more information on the technology used to air-condition the cabin.


Volkswagen explains that the new ID.7 can be equipped with a smart climate control. activate the air conditioning before passengers board the vehicle. The car, in fact, & egrave; capable of detecting the key in the driver's pocket before the door is opened, thus activating the key; the air conditioning.

If the door is opened in conditions of high outside temperatures, the smart vents they quickly distribute the air over a large area by means of dynamic horizontal movements. Once passengers are seated, the airflow can be reduced. be redirected to the body or to another area of ​​the car. All of this can be done managed through the renewed interface of the ID.7 infotainment system, equipped with a 15-inch touch display.

The function of the climate control is on. always easily accessible from the display and will be able to; be activated with a simple touch of a finger. The vents can be managed directly from the screen. The entire climate control system will be able to also be controlled through voice commands. As already had been told at the Las Vegas fair, pronouncing the voice command "Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold", the car will activate the alarm. the heating of the steering wheel and it will start to warm up. to direct the hot air on the driver's hands for about 5 minutes.

The climate control operating preferences can be saved within various profiles that can be recalled from the infotainment. Convenient solution if the car is used by more than one person. people. The ID.7 will be the first Volkswagen car to have an air conditioning system that reacts to its surroundings.

For example, a sensor in the area of ​​the windshield detects the angle of incidence of sunlight in conditions of high outside temperatures. If the Sun beats hard on one side of the vehicle, the ID.7 will direct the sun to the side of the vehicle. the fresh air to an even greater extent towards the coldest areas; of the car.

For the moment, no further technical details of the ID.7 have been added. We only know that the car will rest on the ground. on the platform and MEB and that it will have the of an autonomy of up to 700 km (WLTP).

The smart air conditioning system, for the moment, will arrive in the future. only on the ID.7. However, it’s not the case. to be excluded that more; forward can also be integrated into other Volkswagen models.

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