Mountain Everest Keyboard: Display key keyboard gets new modules


The Everest is a keyboard full of unusual features such as display keys. The focus is on modularity: the number pad and additional keys can be removed, additional modules provide additional keys. More modules have recently been added for the keyboard.

The Everest's base module consists of a tenkeyless keyboard. A multimedia unit is docked to this, which has unlit media keys and a rotary control with a display (240 × 204p) that covers various functions. This includes controlling the volume or the brightness of the key illumination.

Displays in four buttons

You can decide where the module sits: It can optionally be moved to the left via the “WASD” area, which makes it easier to operate with the left hand. The number block is just as flexible. It can be docked on either the right or left of Everest. It is also possible to set up the module independently and place it further away from the keyboard.

Four keys are “display keys” whose LC display has a resolution of 72 × 72p. Static and animated images in GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP formats can be displayed there. The manufacturer's software can also be used to determine the function of these and all other buttons in five profiles. Mountain also emphasizes the close integration of OBS Studio, many of the software's functions should be able to be called up more quickly using predefined shortcuts.

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Mountain Everest (Image: Mountain)
Mountain Everest (Image: Mountain)

The adjustable feet are just as modular . They are not integrated into the chassis, but are magnetically attached to the underside and otherwise stored away from the keyboard. According to the product description, it is possible in this way to choose the height of the keyboard more individually using spacers.

In addition to the display buttons, Mountain Cherrys uses MX buttons in the Red, Brown, Blue and Silent variants for signal acquisition. Thanks to hot-swap sockets, the buttons can be exchanged for other models in MX format. The keyboard is equipped with ABS keycaps, PBT plastic is only available as an accessory option. The equipment also includes a USB 3.0 hub.

Expensive even without accessories

The Mountain is offered in its own shop and for sale on the Amazon marketplace. The complete package consisting of keyboard, number pad, media unit and imitation leather palm rest costs around 250 euros. The Everest Core, which only consists of the tenkeyless base module, is available for around 150 euros. Without keys and keycaps, the Everest still costs around 130 euros as a barebone.

Mountain MacroPad (Image: Mountain)
Mountain DisplayPad (image: Mountain)

But that's not the end of the story. For another 60 euros, Mountain sells a MacroPad that adds twelve additional keys. Standalone operation without a keyboard is also possible here, alternatively the module can be docked to the back of the keyboard. The MacroPad also has hot-swappable sockets, but uses pre-lubricated tactile keys from Mountain.

110 euros can also be invested in a DisplayPad. This supplements twelve programmable display keys. Not only can they be assigned functions, but also folders. Thanks to the displays, it is possible to navigate in several levels.