Life imprisonment for an Iranian spy brother


Published 19 January 2023 at 12.33

Domestic. The spy brothers Peyman Kia and Payam Kia spied for Russia for ten years. Today, both were convicted at the Stockholm District Court for aggravated espionage.

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The Iranian Spy Brothers

  • The family of the spy brothers on the sentence: "Unfair"
  • Prosecution: Säpo-Iranier was a Russian spy
  • Immigrant brothers spied on Sweden for ten years
  • Detained Iranian spy worked on the most secret part of Must
  • Suspected spy Säpo-Iranian detained
The penalty was set at life imprisonment for Peyman Kia, 42, and 9 years and 10 months in prison for Payam Kia, 35.

The court has found it proven that the Iranian brothers for about ten years, to go to Russia and the Russian intelligence service GRU at hand, among other things acquired and disclosed information whose disclosure to a foreign power could result in but for Sweden's security.

In the judgment, it is stated that the acquisition of information took place within the framework of elder brother Peyman Kia's employment at the Security Police and the Armed Forces. According to information to DN, he worked at Must at the super-secret KSI, the Office for Special Acquisition. He was a high-ranking head of security at the Swedish Food Agency when he was arrested just over a year ago.

– We are satisfied with the district court's assessments of both the guilt and penalty issues, says prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist in a statement.

p>The preliminary investigation has been ongoing since 2017 and has been conducted by the Security Police under the direction of prosecutors at the National Security Unit.

The brothers have been in custody since September and November 2021 respectively. The District Court has decided on continued detention with restrictions.

Much of the information from the preliminary investigation is secret. In the judgment, the District Court has ordered continued confidentiality. The prosecutors are therefore said to “continue to have very limited opportunities to talk about the case”.

– The men have been convicted of very serious crimes directed against Sweden's intelligence and security system. The preliminary investigation has been characterized by very good cooperation between the authorities, says chief prosecutor Per Lindqvist.