Luca de Meo? the new president of ACEA


Luca De Meo, CEO of the Renault Group, is the new CEO of the Renault Group. was appointed president of ACEA, the European association of car manufacturers. Starting from January 1, 2023, De Meo will go; to replace Oliver Zipse, CEO of the BMW Group, who has held this position for the last two years.

We remind you that the president of ACEA is appointed every year, from among the managing directors of the associated European manufacturers, with only one possibility of renewal. De Meo's appointment comes at a very delicate moment for the European automotive sectorgrappling with the ecological transition, the new Euro 7 legislation, the problems of energy costs and the supply of components, the growing competition from China and all the problems we have talked about in recent times.


The association must therefore dialogue with the European institutionsleading the demands of the automotive sector to grappling with a profound change. And precisely in this regard, commenting on his appointment, Luca De Meo immediately underlined how it is necessary for the European Union to implement policies that fully support the decarbonisation goal of manufacturers. Policies that also make it possible to face growing global competition. There are also criticisms of the Euro 7 legislation which risks stealing important resources from car manufacturers for the electrification process.

Looking ahead, we urgently need Europe to implement policies that fully support our decarbonisation goal and enable us to face growing global competition.

We welcome work on a European law on carbon prime, which should support the continent's economic resilience and the transition to zero emissions. Our industry is one of the most diverse industries in the world. committed to investing heavily in mobility; electricity and to ensure the creation of value and jobs in Europe. The Euro 7 proposal in its current form, however, would divert significant human and financial resources from electrification, just as other regions of the world are creating an attractive investment environment for mobility and mobility. with zero emissions. ACEA will continue to to uphold a balance between what – which is good for the environment, which is good for the environment. which is positive for the European economy and what which is positive for society.

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