Hades 2: Kronos is hunted in the Greek underworld


Supergiants award-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler Hades will continue in the coming year. Players will once again move in the realm of Greek sagas and myths, but now go on the hunt for Kronos. An Early Access program should help with the development.

The secret of Hades lies only in part in precise controls and crisp fights, or the art design. The setting makes the mix really refreshing. In the original, players tried to escape from the underworld as the son of Hades, encountered all sorts of legendary figures and collected more power from room to room, but also from attempt to escape to attempt to escape.

The special feature: The world was generated anew with every death, but at the same time a story was developed and spun, so that every step back into the depths of the dungeon also meant two steps forward at the same time. Contemptuous comments from Zeus and all sorts of entertaining conversations with inhabitants of the underworld rounded off the fun – the response was accordingly “overwhelmingly positive”.

Awaken the same spell

Supergiant has not yet continued a game. With Hades 2, the developers want to take on a new challenge by using the project to capture the “amazement” and “pleasure” of the first part in a sequel as well.

The community will be part of it again, because Hades 2 will initially start in Early Access on the PC and will be refined bit by bit there. The developers explain that this has already proven to be central to the quality of the finished game with Hades. Only the finished version will then be offered on consoles. More information will follow in the coming year.

Now with witchcraft

In Hades 2, the underworld once again becomes the battlefield. Here comes Melinoe, the princess of the underworld, who takes on the Titan Kronos, ruler of time. What is new is that magic can become a means of choice. Supergiant promises to connect the Greek myths with the early magic legends, but, as in the first part, to orientate itself closely on the world of legends.