Eggs may be sold for a week longer in shops


Published 9 December 2022 at 13.50

Domestic. Food waste is believed to be reduced thanks to new rules which mean that eggs can be sold for a week longer.

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The best-before date for eggs can be a maximum of 28 days after laying, but the shops have only been allowed to sell, or give them away, for 21 days after laying.

Now there are new rules that says the period is being extended from 21 to 28 days.

The new rules, which came into effect on Thursday, give stores more time to sell the eggs and are likely to lead to less food waste.

– These are EU rules that Sweden and the Swedish Food Agency have long worked to change. It makes a big difference when stores no longer have to throw away eggs that have a whole week left until the best-before date, says Karin Fritz, adviser at the Swedish Food Agency.

Eggs have a long shelf life if they are kept cold. Often they are good long after the best before date.

The best before date stated on the egg packaging is based on the fact that the eggs are stored at room temperature. Store raw eggs in the refrigerator, around 4 °C. Then they can last several weeks after the best before date has passed. As long as eggs smell and look right, they are fine to eat. Egg whites, and even yolks, left over from baking or cooking can also be frozen.