Demand that Spotify stop Kanye West's music


Published 9 December 2022 at 10.39

Cultural news. The World Jewish Congress demands that Apple and Spotify delete all of Kanye West's music from their services, the New York Post reports.

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African-American artist Kanye “Ye” West has expressed anti-Semitism and accused Jews of trying to destroy his life and career.

It all started when West wore a “White lives matter” shirt in October, drawing strong Jewish anger. His later statements about Jews quickly led to the world-famous rapper losing almost his entire fortune, two billion dollars. He is also portrayed as a Nazi sympathizer in the American media.

But according to World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder, this is not enough punishment. Kanye West's music must also be stopped from being played, Lauder writes in a letter to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“As long as his hateful voice is on Apple's and Spotify's music streaming platforms, these are affiliated those who want to harm Jews worldwide,” writes Ronald Lauder according to the New York Post.

By offering West's music, Spotify and Apple are “profiting” from “Semitism,” he continues.