Tor Browser 12.0: Firefox 102.5 ESR and Apple Silicon are now on board


The Tor Project has released the new Tor Browser 12.0 based on Mozilla Firefox 102.5 ESR for more privacy and security when surfing the Internet. For the first time, the browser runs natively on the M1 and M2 processors from Apple and offers many innovations under Windows, macOS and Linux as well as Android.

Major update for Privacy Browser

About a year after the release of version 11 and about five months after the release of version 11.5, the Tor Browser, which is based on the popular open source browser Firefox, is getting another major release with numerous detailed improvements and a greatly expanded feature set.

Improvements for all platforms

The official release notes list the following new features:< /p>

Tor Browser 12.0 What's New

  • Upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 102.5 ESR
  • Native support for Apple Silicon SoCs
  • Prioritization of onion websites for Android
  • Multi-local support for the desktop
  • HTTPS-Only as default for Android

In addition to the improvements associated with the release of Firefox 102.5 ESR (“Release Notes”), Tor Browser 12.0 switches to the current version of the decentralized Tor network designed for the anonymization of connection data.

< h2 class="text-width text-h2" id="section_nativer_support_fuer_apple_silicon">Native support for Apple Silicon

In version 12, the Tor browser runs natively on Apple Silicon for the first time and thus no longer requires support from the Rosetta 2 x86-64 binary translation on the M1 and M2 processors.

< /figure>

Firefox ESR, native support for Apple Silicon and HTTPS-only for Android (Image: Tor Project)

In addition to the “Tor Connection Assistant”, which has been further expanded and is now supposed to be even more intuitive to use, the individual components of the data protection browser are also receiving corresponding updates.

Multi-local support for desktop and prioritization for onion websites (image : Tor Project)

The implementation of the Go programming language has been upgraded to the current version 1.19.3, while the well-known open source JavaScript runtime environment Node.js is available in version 12.22.12.

The entry points, the so-called Tor bridges, will receive further improvements in order to increase anonymity on the network and to be able to circumvent censorship and surveillance even more consistently.

HTTPS-only by default on Android

For Android users, Tor Browser 12.0 enables HTTPS-only mode by default for increased security and possible SSL stripping – Prevent attacks.

Download on ComputerBase

The Tor Browser 12.0 can like can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area as usual directly below this message.

The P2P client “OnionShare” is also linked, which enables file exchange via the Tor network and is largely anonymous. Both programs are available for Windows, macOS and Linux.


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    OnionShare Download

    3.5 stars

    OnionShare is designed to enable anonymous sending of files and chatting over the Tor network.

    • Version 2.6 German

  • Tor Browser Download

    4.6 stars

    The Tor Browser – consisting of Tor Client and modified Firefox – allows anonymous surfing.

    • Version 12.0 German