SD: Stop the Nobel party if Åkesson is not allowed to come


Published 8 December 2022 at 08.03

Domestic. The Sweden Democrats in the city of Stockholm want to change the criteria for those who want to rent the Blue Hall in the city hall in Stockholm. This is reported by Sveriges Radio.

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– I think it is a matter of principle about how we see the use of the Blue hall. Is it the case that the Nobel Foundation chooses to port the Sweden Democrats, then maybe the Blue Hall and City Hall choose to port the Nobel Foundation, says Gabriel Kroon, group leader of SD in Stockholm, to Ekot.

According to a letter to the municipal board, SD wants to investigate “deepened democratic criteria” to “avoid unreasonable discrimination of Riksdag parties”.

The background is the Nobel Foundation's decision every year to port the SD leader from the party while inviting the other party leaders.

” The Nobel Prize rests on a respect for science, culture, humanism and internationalism,” wrote the foundation in connection with its latest decision.