Diablo IV: Unanimous date rumors and previews from Act 1


Just to get it straight: It remains a rumor for now. But there are now increasing indications that the hack-and-slash role-playing game Diablo IV will be released in June 2023. The first “hands-on” reports were also published today, but without the testers' own images.

Release date in June 2023 very likely

The fan community was shaken awake today with a tweet from the notorious dataminer “Aggiornamenti Lumia”. Diablo IV should therefore appear on June 5, 2023, depending on the time zone a day later. The Xbox version is said to be around 80 GB.

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The well-known gaming insider Tom Henderson now wants to be able to confirm that at least June is set as the month for the publication. In his report, he points out that Aggiornamenti Lumia has also been right several times in the past and got hold of his information via the Microsoft Store API.

Jez Corden from Windows Central had spoken a few days earlier that the date for Diablo IV, contrary to what was previously expected, could not be in April but in June 2023.

It could be tomorrow become more concrete, because an official announcement about Diablo IV is also expected as part of the Game Awards.

Previews were allowed online today

Meanwhile, Henderson's prediction that hands-on impressions of an unfinished version of Diablo IV may be released today has come true. Major game magazines are now reporting on their experiences from the first act, which the testers were allowed to try out up to hero level 25. But you could only write about it, the publication of your own pictures was forbidden. And so any screenshots or videos always come directly from Blizzard.

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“This is going to be a huge game by any definition” , IGN's Ryan McCaffrey is enthusiastic about the expected scope in his preview. Diablo IV should feel like a “massively souped-up version of Diablo 2”, but also bring good elements from Diablo 3.

Apparently impressed by the complexity of the battles PC Gamer's Tyler Colp, who sent the Sorceress against the hordes of monsters and was encouraged to try new builds of the character. However, he had to smile about the simple completion of some side quests.

According to Robert Purchese from Eurogamer, there are still some question marks, but the wait should definitely be worth it.