Volkswagen MEB+: with the new platform up to 700 km of autonomy


With the MEB platform (Modular Electric Drive System), Volkswagen started the its ambitious electrification project. The first model to adopt this platform, as we know, is was the ID.3 which in 2023 will receive the award; a major restyling. This platform is It was developed to be used only on electric cars and was created to be flexible, that is; to be able to adapt to the use of different types of vehicles.

This means it can be; be exploited for both compact cars and SUVs, as we have seen over the last few years. Today, the models based on this platform are able to have a range of up to approximately 550 km according to the WLTP cycle thanks to the possibility of having a range. to be able to use batteries with a capacity of up to 82 kWh (77 kWh usable).

Up to now, they have been delivered over 500,000 Volkswagen branded cars based on this architecture. Number that rises to over 670 thousand considering all the MEB models of the other brands of the Volkswagen Group.


Even if in the future it will arrive the new SSP platform (Scalable systems platform), the MEB platform will receive; an important update. We already had some. spoken in the past but, now, the German Group has confirmed again that it will invest to further develop this platform.

So, in the next few years, it will come; the MEB+ platform which will introduce; several improvements. According to reports, the new platform will use the the batteries characterized by the new "Unified Cell". The cars that will have this platform will be able to count on an autonomy capable of reaching up to 700 km. The new MEB+ will improve – the recharge times are also significantly, given that it will be possible to; fill up with direct current energy with power up to 175–200 kW. In addition to all this, cars equipped with the MEB+ will also have advanced driver assistance systems.

We don’t know what it’ll be. the first vehicle to feature the new platform. In any case, Volkswagen points out that the range of models based on the MEB platform will be extended. significantly expanded: ten new electric models will be launched by 2026, including the much-talked-about electric car with a starting price of 25,000 euros.

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