Volkswagen Group working on new software strategy


Software development has caused several problems for the Volkswagen Group. We have talked about this problem more than once before. times and, now, Reuters reports that on December 15 the new CEO of the Group, Oliver Blume should illustrate the new software strategyto the Supervisory Board. Plan that aims to transform the "vision" of former CEO Herbet Diess into achievable goals. According to what has been said, all the brands of the Group would have collaborated on this plan.


The theme addressed was particularly delicate. The software is more and more important for modern cars and the Group must work to make up for lost ground and to resolve all the criticalities emerged over time which led several customers to complain. Problems that the Volkswagen Group has admitted and are working on.

According to the report citing sources within the Volkswagen Group, the software 2.0 platform which was supposed to be available from 2026 will be available in 2026. postponed for a few years. There is talk of a debut, perhaps, in 2028. Postponement due to development problems. We recall that in Diess' original plans, this platform would have been able to offer pure functionalities; level 4 autonomous driving.

Currently, most of the uploads are uploaded. recent cars of the Group are using the software platform 1.1 which will be the latest version. improved through a series of updates. Next year will debut a new program. the 1.2 platformwhich will be initially available only on some premium models such as the new electric Porsche Macan and the new Audi Q6 e-tron. During the meeting on December 15, the details of the development plans for these platforms should be revealed.

Furthermore, it seems that Audi may lose control of the Artemis project. A project which originally envisaged the development of an advanced electric car equipped with automatic functions. of Level 4 autonomous driving, to be launched by 2024. Due to delays in the development of the software platform, this project would have made little progress.

The intentions of the Volkswagen Group would be to give the management of Artemis in the hands of the Commercial Vehicles team. Obviously, at the moment these are only rumors. Therefore, if the Reuters report is true, correct, like all relationships it should always be taken with due caution, in about a week the Volkswagen Group will make an announcement. the point on the development plans of the software platforms of its cars.

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