The Swedish Migration Agency: All Afghan women can stay in Sweden


Published 7 December 2022 at 08.12

Domestic. All women and girls from Afghanistan who apply for a residence permit in Sweden must receive it. The Swedish Migration Agency has now decided.

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– Being a woman from Afghanistan is deemed in itself to be a sufficient basis for receiving protection in Sweden, says Carl Bexelius, head of law at the Swedish Migration Agency.

According to the authority, Afghan women have freedom of movement and rights have been restricted since the Taliban took over power in the country.

– Today we see a significant impact on their opportunities to earn a living, get access to care and education and to seek protection from violence, says Carl Bexelius.


As a result of the increasingly deteriorating situation, the Migration Agency tightens the assessment of asylum cases concerning Afghan women. This is done in a revised legal position that was published on Monday.

– We judge that the situation of women in Afghanistan means that their basic human rights are violated, to the extent that it can be considered as persecution. Afghan women must therefore, regardless of other circumstances, be assessed as refugees and be granted a residence permit, says Carl Bexelius.

The Migration Agency's stricter assessment means that women from Afghanistan who have had their asylum application rejected can apply for and receive a new examination .