Search terms of the year 2022: Negative headlines dominate Google searches


In the 2022 year in review, Google has once again published the top trends of its own search engine over the past year. The search queries are once again dominated by current world events, but there are surprising trends again, especially in the questions asked to Google.

As in previous years, Google publishes the trends and not the absolute most frequently searched topics. Trends reflect the annual change in search queries, i.e. the increasing search terms of the year. Since they relate to the whole year, the top lists also contain topics that have largely disappeared from the public eye. Last year, the Germans also dealt with “Why isn't Alexandra Popp playing?” and “Why is diesel more expensive than petrol?”. However, in almost all subject areas into which Google has divided the search terms and questions, Russia's attack on Ukraine is in the foreground.

The search terms of the year 2022

This is why Ukraine ranks first in the general search terms this year. The 2022 World Cup follows in second place, which is not just a sporting tragedy. The next major sporting event, the 2022 Olympics, follows in third place ahead of the Search for the Queen, meaning Queen Elizabeth II, former Queen of the United Kingdom, who passed away on September 8th this year. It also tops the list of searches on deceased people, ahead of the late American pop singer Aaron Carter and American actress Anne Heche.

Top 10 Common Search Terms of 2022 < ol class="text-ol">

  • Ukraine
  • WM 2022
  • Olympics 2022
  • Queen
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Monkeypox
  • Women's Championship
  • Nations League
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Warning of storm gusts
  • The personalities with the biggest rise in 2022< /h2>

    The list of the most frequently searched personalities for 2022 mainly includes faces that have drawn negative attention to themselves this year. With Vladimir Putin at the top due to the war of aggression against Ukraine, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard second due to their judicial and media controversy in court and former German tennis player Boris Becker, who has been sentenced to prison, in fourth place.

    Top 10 Personalities 2022

    1. Vladimir Putin
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Amber Heard
    4. Boris Becker
    5. Novak Djokovic
    6. Fynn Kliemann
    7. Tina Ruland
    8. Will Smith
    9. Harald Glööckler
    10. Anouschka Renzi

    Netflix is ​​ahead when it comes to series

    The first two places in the most searched series this year go to Netflix. With Jeffrey Dahmer, the series about the story of one of the most famous serial killers in the United States takes first place. But also when and how Stranger Things continued this year interested many searchers. In third place came House of the Dragon, the prequel series to the fantasy series Game of Thrones, which was released on Sky in Germany.

    Top 10 Series 2022

    1. Jeffrey Dahmer
    2. Stranger Things
    3. House of the Dragon
    4. Euphoria
    5. The Watcher
    6. Inventing Anna
    7. LOL
    8. The Palace
    9. Moon Knight
    10. The Boys

    Putin and Will Smith with memes of the year

    But Google is also being used more and more frequently to Search for memes.

    Top 10 Memes 2022:

    1. Putin Meme
    2. Will Smith Meme
    3. Mr. Incredible Meme
    4. The Rock Meme
    5. Morbius Meme
    6. Gommemode Meme
    7. Emotional Damage Meme
    8. Ohio Meme< /li>
    9. Adam Levine Meme
    10. Chocolate Lemon Meme

    The questions of the year 2022

    Also to the ascending how, what and why Questions publishes Google top lists. In addition to legitimate and relevant questions, Corona will also appear again in 2022 in these lists. But even in Germany, earth-shattering questions such as “Why is there no Bundesliga today?” and “Why is the Bachelorette bald?” appear in the questions.

    Top 10 how-questions 2022:

    • How old is Putin?
    • How long is the quarantine?< /li>
    • How many soldiers does Russia have?
    • How long does a PCR test take?
    • How long is it considered recovered?
    • How many Germany has soldiers?
    • How long is one considered vaccinated?
    • How old is Prince Charles?
    • How long does Corona last?
    • How long is Corona contagious?
    Top 10 what questions 2022:

    • What are Akren?
    • What is NATO?
    • What is an oligarch?< /li>
    • What are gravel spies?
    • What does 2G-Plus mean?
    • What is monkeypox?
    • What is SWIFT?
    • < li>What are sanctions?

    • What does Putin want?
    • What is Pentecost?
    Top 10 why questions 2022:

    • Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?
    • Why is diesel more expensive than petrol?
    • Why Alexandra Popp isn't playing?
    • Why is the sky yellow?
    • Why is Ukraine not in NATO?
    • Why is petrol so expensive?
    • Why isn't there a Bundesliga today?
    • Why are we celebrating Pentecost?
    • Why is Layla banned?
    • Why is the Bachelorette bald?

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