John Bolton 'ready' to become President of the United States


Published 7 December 2022 at 11.18

Foreign. The Republican profile John Bolton – known for advocating war in all possible and impossible contexts – now states that he may stand in the next US presidential election. Yahoo News reports.

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John Bolton says he is ready to run for president if the Republican Party does not clearly enough distance itself from Donald Trump as being “anti-American”.

– I am ready to run up, says Bolton in an interview with NBC News.

John Bolton was the US ambassador to the UN under George W Bush. In 2018 and 2019, he was the Trump administration's national security adviser, but he had to leave the post after a conflict with the president.

Trump stated that Bolton only wanted to start a war all the time.

– John has never saw a war he didn't like, Trump is said to have said during a meeting in July 2019.

After his time as national security adviser, John Bolton has profiled himself as a strong opponent of Donald Trump, whom he sees as a threat to democracy.