Iranians messed up in Stockholm


Published 7 December 2022 at 09.43

Domestic. A demonstration in Stockholm against the regime in Iran derailed and participants illegally entered a museum.

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The police were called at 19:25 to the Mediterranean Museum, where there was a fight.

It turned out that around 50 people had prepared to enter the museum. It was about participants in a licensed demonstration against the Iranian regime that was held on Gustav Adolfs torg nearby.

– We believe that there has been some kind of activity at the museum that aroused emotions in the demonstrators, says Ola Österling, press spokesperson at the Stockholm police, to SVT.

The police had to move the protesters back from the museum to Gustaf Adolfs torg.

One person has been arrested. A criminal investigation has been launched by the police and the preliminary criminal classification is violent riot and trespassing.