Deportation for attempted murder at Malmö hotel


Published 7 December 2022 at 17.08

Domestic. Imprisonment for 16 years as well as deportation and damages of just over half a million kroner. It will be the punishment for the Afghan who tried to murder a Russian woman in a hotel in Malmö.

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On the afternoon of May 5, a woman was found badly stabbed on the roof of a hotel in Västra Hamnen in Malmö.

Three women had observed the woman during a coffee break and made sure that she quickly came under medical care and that her life could be saved. When she finally woke up, it turned out that she was Russian.

In June, an alleged 23-year-old Afghan resident of Eslöv was arrested on suspicion of the crime. He is believed to have intended to buy sex from the woman before he attacked her.

The district court has stated that the evidence relied on in support of the prosecution makes it beyond reasonable doubt that the 23-year-old is the perpetrator. His fingerprints have been found on the door to the hotel room and his DNA has also been secured inside the hotel room where the woman was assaulted. There is also other evidence that is troubling for the man. He is therefore sentenced for attempted murder.

According to the district court, the crime has a very high penalty value and the length of the prison sentence is therefore set at 16 years. The man must also pay damages to the woman of SEK 520,320. He is also to be deported from Sweden with a ban on ever returning here.