Apple Car, possible debut in 2026. Price below $100,000


In recent years there have been multiple reports that have tried to tell when Apple would lead to the debut his electric car equipped with autonomous driving. We've talked about the Apple Car many times in the past and now comes a new report from Bloomberg that provides interesting information. Obviously, like all relationships, the content must be taken with due caution.


Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says Cupertino would downsized plansfor his electric car and would have postponed the debut to 2026. Furthermore, the top management of the company would have understood that focusing on a vehicle equipped with autonomous driving today is not an option. possible.

In the past, there had been speculation about the possibility of this being possible. that the American company could even make a car without a steering wheel and pedals. However, Cupertino would have understood that with current technology it is not possible to do so. still possible to offer self-driving cars.

For this reason, Apple is pursuing a less ambitious path, designing a more efficient vehicle. "traditional", however equipped with advanced functionalities; of assisted driving to be exploited on the motorwaywhich will allow the driver to be able to concentrate on other activities. Features – which, however, will warn the driver if it is necessary to regain control of the vehicle. Therefore, Apple Car should have functionalities; very similar to those offered today by General Motors' Super Cruise or Ford's BlueCruise. Features that will initially be available on the streets of North America with the goal of making them available elsewhere over time.

Apple cars will be able to count on a technological platform that would have been renamed Denaliin honor of the highest peak; high in North America. Platform whose center of gravity is a new chip made in-house that is expected to have about 4 times the performance of chips found in current Mac computers. considered almost ready for production.

Apple Car will be able to rely on several sensors including LiDAR, radar and cameras for its functionalities; advanced assisted driving. Furthermore, inside, the infotainment system should also offer services related to entertainment.

According to the report, Apple has not yet established a design for its car. The vehicle is considered in the "pre-prototype" phase. The company it aims to complete the design within the next year and finalize the features by the end of 2024. Cupertino therefore plans to subject the car to extensive tests in 2025.

The report also hints that Apple   still looking for partners for the platform to use for its electric car. Bloomberg also talks about the possible price of the Apple Car. It seems that Cupertino initially aimed to offer its car at around 120 thousand dollars. However, now we are talking about a amount of less than 100 thousand dollars.

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