The Nobel Foundation: Åkesson is invited – if he becomes prime minister


Published 6 December 2022 at 17.14

Domestic. SD leader Jimmie Åkesson can get permission to visit the Nobel party if he becomes prime minister first. That's what Nobel Foundation CEO Vidar Helgesen says in an interview with Dagens Nyheter.

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Unlike the other party leaders, Jimmie Åkesson is excluded from the Nobel festival year after year.

The Nobel Foundation has previously justified this by saying that SD does not believe in “everyone's equal value”. Reference has also been made to the fact that Alfred Nobel wrote in his will that no consideration of nationality may be taken into account when awarding prizes.

But if the SD leader succeeds in securing the position of Prime Minister of Sweden, the situation will be different.

p>- Then we invite the prime minister, says Nobel Foundation CEO Vidar Helgesen to DN.

A prime minister has a function for the state, he continues.

– There is a big difference in principle, says Vidar Helgesen.