Munro Mk_1, here is the new electric off-road vehicle


A new electric off-road vehicle made by the Scottish startup Munro Vehicles arrives for the off-road world. It is called Munro Mk_1and it is offered at a starting price of 49,955 pounds, that is; about a little more; of 58,000 euros. Pre-orders for the "Launch Edition" I'm already been opened (£500 advance). Initially the car will be; produced since 2023 at the company's headquarters; (250 units per year) but it is already under construction in central Scotland a factory within which will be built; This model has been manufactured since 2024. A plant that will allow the production of this model. to bring production to 2,500 cars per year.


Munro Vehicles said it wanted to create an uncompromising vehicle, capable of tackling any kind of situation. For this reason, the off-road vehicle is the best choice. was designed to be as simple as possible. functional as possible, even if this did not make it possible to obtain a particularly captivating aesthetic.

The passenger compartment is; It was then made to be very spacious, to allow people to be able to carry even important loads. The manufacturer declares that its electric off-road vehicle is the ideal vehicle for a variety of vehicles. large enough to fit a standard euro pallet in the load compartment. In addition, it has a capacity; towing capacity up to 3,500 kg. Inside the passenger compartment, there is a some technology is present. We have a touch screen compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, USB sockets, two pads for wireless charging of smartphones and two 240 V sockets capable of powering small external electrical devices.

The interiors are however essential and made to be robust. They also have waterproof surfaces. Munro Vehicles declined to share all the precise details of the electric off-roader. However, we know that it has a length of 4,590 mm, a wheelbase of 3,300 mm and a ground clearance of 480 mm. The ability wading reaches up to 800 mm. The off-road vehicle can; then count on an entry angle of 84 degrees and an exit angle of 51 degrees.

For this battery-powered vehicle, the manufacturer has not chosen to use any specific platform dedicated to electric models. In fact, he preferred to opt for a & quot; classic & quot; diagram with spars with galvanized steel.


As for the powertrain, Munro Vehicles used a single axial flux electric motor (lighter and less complex than the radial flux one) 220 kW or 280 kW placed centrally. The manufacturer then chose a mechanical all-wheel drive. Therefore, no powertrain with two or four electric motors. This choice is was made for several reasons including that of ensuring that the same quantity was used. of torque is delivered to each wheel and that all wheels rotate at the same speed, as explained by Russell Peterson, CEO of Munro.

The unit is able to produce more torque. electricity is powered by a 61 or 82 kWh battery. For the model with the largest capacity accumulator; we are talking about a distance of up to 168 miles (about 270 km) or 16 hours off-road. Accumulator that can be recharged in direct current up to a power of 100 kW and in alternating current up to 22 kW (depending on the charger present, in the basic model it is 7 kW). Although this vehicle was certainly not created for performance, the manufacturer says that it takes 4.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. The speed maximum is limited to 80 miles per hour (about 129 km/h).

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