Automotive table, Minister Urso: we need a European industrial policy


Yesterday was the last day. held the Automotive Table convened by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, which in the intentions declared by the Minister himself should be held every 3 months. Appointments in which very important issues concerning the future of the automotive industry in Italy will be discussed.

This meeting was attended by some representatives of the Government and the main representatives of companies in the sector.


Meeting from which the need emerged; to respond to the challenges that come from countries like Chinaor even from America which has provided huge funding and incentives for the development of their automotive industry. For this reason, underlined Minister Urso, it is a European industrial policy is needed. Italy will have to therefore working with countries such as Germany and France within the European Commission to create a policy that allows companies to be able to invest within the country.

It is absolutely necessary to create a European industrial policy to respond both to the systemic challenge with Eastern producers such as India and China, and to that with the United States which has recently put in place a massive aid policy, through incentives and subsidies to support of the American automotive industry. For this reason, Italy, together with the major European manufacturing countries such as France and Germany, must work with the European Commission for an active and proactive policy to allow those who want to invest in our country.

The Government has therefore started talking about the actions to be taken to support a sector, the automotive sector, which as a whole achieved a turnover of 337 billion euros in 2021, equal to 19% of the national GDP, with over 1,260,000 workers involved.

From the ministry they have made it known that in future meetings the will be held. dedicated attention also to trade unions. Already, the unions in this first convocation of the Automotive Table were not called to be present. A choice that is not; not liked at all by various trade unions. For example, the general secretary of the Fim Cisl Roberto Benaglia commented:

Finally, the new government puts the transition in a crucial sector such as the automotive sector back on the agenda, but we do not understand the reasons why it has excluded from the table the trade union organizations which, since its establishment, have participated actively and constructively .

Simone Marinelli, national automotive coordinator for Fiom-Cgil, joined the conference. said he was concerned about this choice and declared:

We are in a delicate moment where we need to create a system to relaunch the sector in our country and to obtain support from Europe.< /p>

All that remains is to follow the next appointments of the Automotive Table to understand how the discussions will proceed, if the trade unions will also be involved as promised and above all what decisions the Government will decide; to take for this important sector of Italian industry.

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