Alienware 18: Dell's monster notebook with an 18-inch display returns


Something big and powerful is coming soon. With these words and the number “18”, Alienware arouses expectations of the return of a legend with a trailer: The huge notebooks of the Alienware 18 series with their eponymous 18-inch display.

2015 saw the last 18inch monster

While the usual notebooks have display sizes from 13 inches to 17 inches, a few years ago Alienware had veritable monster notebooks with 18-inch displays for gamers in its range. The last model of the Alienware 18 series was released in 2015. It had an 18.4-inch Full HD display, brought Intel's CPU flagships of the time (up to Core i7-4940MX) with overclocking and two Nvidia GPUs in its thick case (up to GTX 980M) in the SLI double pack and weighed in at an impressive 5.5 kg. Full copper coolers and three fan outlets were used for cooling. The starting price at the time was $2,500 and the maximum equipment required $4,650.

Alienware 18 from 2015 (Image: Dell)

According to the teaser published on Twitter, something similar can be expected soon, but due to technical progress it will no longer be quite as bulky with current components. Around a month before CES 2023, it is conceivable that Dell will use the trade fair to present a newly launched Alienware 18.

New CPUs and GPUs expected for CES

One ​​can only speculate about the equipment. However, it would make sense for the new CPU platform from AMD or Intel to be used in the high-end version for notebooks. That would mean an Intel Core i-13000H (Raptor Lake) or an AMD Ryzen 7000 (77xxHS?). Their presentation is also expected for the CES in January. On the GPU side, the high-end offshoots for notebooks from Nvidia's RTX 4000 generation come to mind, but they have not yet been presented either.

That in the notebook range is much larger, as Acer demonstrated six years ago with the Predator 21 X. The notebook with a curved 21-inch display uses two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 in SLI mode. When it came to the combined screen area, the Expanscape Aurora 7 with four 17-inch displays was in no way inferior to it, but it apparently never made it onto the market.