Ventoy 1.0.84: Multi-boot tool now supports FAT32 with 32GB and more


The very powerful multi-boot tool Ventoy v1.0.84, which among other things can also create installation media for Windows 11 without a TPM and account requirement, now also supports partitions with the from Microsoft developed file system FAT32 and have a storage capacity of 32 GB and more.

FAT32 and a multilingual boot menu

The extensive system tool Ventoy, which was included in the ComputerBase download area around two and a half years ago due to a recommendation from community member “dominic.e”, not only supports the data formats ISO, WIM, IMG in the latest version 1.0.84 , VHD and EFI, but in addition to the previously offered FAT16 file system, for the first time also FAT32, which in turn also makes partitions with a capacity of 32 gigabytes and more possible.

As the official release notes reveal, the boot menu also offers multi-language support. In addition, the obligatory optimizations and error corrections are incorporated as usual.

  • Multi-Language supported for Ventoy boot menu. Notes
  • Add L hotkey to choose language.
  • Change F1 hotkey from memdisk mode to help information.
  • Add Ctrl+d hotkey for memdisk mode.
  • Add VTOY_MENU_LANGUAGE option in Global Control Plugin for default menu language.
  • Remove VTOY_HELP_TXT_LANGUAGE option, use VTOY_MENU_LANGUAGE option uniformly.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add Cluster Size option for Ventoy install.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Support FAT32 for 32GB+ disk.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Fix the format failure when install Ventoy in some WinPE/Lite Windows.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Change the lock icon for secure boot option to a yellow picture.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Show a tip message for cluster size when the mouse hover on the file system string.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add UDF file system for Ventoy install.
  • VentoyPlugson.exe : Fix the garbled characters when preview json which contains unicode characters.
  • Add VentoyPlugson_X64.exe for convenience when used in WinPE.
  • Update Shim/Mokmanager efi files.
  • < li>languages.json update

Ventoy v1.0.84 – Release Notes

For more information, see the official project page on the GitHub developer platform.

Support for Windows, Linux, BSD and Chrome OS

In the latest version, the system tool supports a total of more than 1,000 operating systems and system images, including Windows and WinPE as well as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint and openSUSE. BSD and Chrome OS are also supported.

Download on ComputerBase

Ventoy 1.0.84, which includes installation media for Windows 11 and Windows 10 and almost all well-known Linux distributions with numerous bypass options can be downloaded as usual from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message.

The Rufus, which is also linked, is an equally powerful alternative, which has a comparable range of functions but does not support the operation of multi-boot storage media.

The editors would like to thank the community for the notes on this message.


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    Rufus is a free tool to use a USB stick to make an image bootable.

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  • Ventoy Download

    4.9 stars

    Ventoy is a convenient tool for using a USB stick to make images multi-bootable.

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