Toyota CH-R Prologue, the concept anticipates the future CH-R that will be? also Plug-ins


How will it be? the new Toyota CH-R? An anticipation of the shapes of the new Japanese crossover comes from the Toyota CH-R Prologue concept. The hybrid crossover is It was a great success and the Japanese car manufacturer intends to replicate it while maintaining those characteristics that customers like, starting with the unconventional shapes. Therefore, CH-R Prologue aims to evolve the forms of the current crossover and provides us with a first idea of ​​what it will be like; the future model.


The new CH-R Prologue concept is; born at ED², the Toyota European Design Development based in the south of France. The design is characterized by the presence of the front called HAMMERHEAD where the grilles stand out more; small and the headlights with more shapes; thin. The concept also features a tri-color paint job. In addition to black (on the roof and on the rear), we find silver and details in a color called sulphur. At the rear you can; note the new design of the optical groups.

The proportions, however, don't seem to be too far from those of the current CH-R. Nothing is been told about the interior. Therefore, it will be interesting to understand if Toyota is intervened to solve one of the weak points of its crossover and that is; the habitability; rear.

Speaking of the mechanics, the Japanese manufacturer said a few but important things. The future new CH-R will be offered with hybrid powertrains. However, next to the Full Hybrid version, will arrive; also a Plug-in variant. This is a confirmation to a series of rumors that have emerged over time about a possible arrival of a PHEV model. Particularly, Toyota speaks, for the Plug-in model, of batteries assembled in Europe.

The new production model shouldn't differ too much from the Prologue concept. In fact, Toyota claims:

Toyota C-HR Prologue is the best choice for Toyota. a first – but very realistic – vision of a car that will soon be making its debut. its debut on the roads of all Europe. Much more; More than a simple concept, the Toyota C-HR Prologue makes it very clear that Toyota remains true to what it is. that made the Toyota C-HR such a success.

When will it debut? the new Toyota CH-R? The Japanese brand hasn't revealed a date but since it's talking about a car that will soon be making its debut. his debut, you can; easily imagine that we will see it in the course of 2023.

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