The drama of jealousy in the highest police top


Published 5 December 2022 at 17.30

Domestic. Mats Löfving, deputy national police chief, was reported to the police last year for serious breach of peace, unlawful persecution and molestation. The plaintiff was Noa's intelligence chief Linda Staaf – who previously had a relationship with Löfving and got her top job from him, Expressen reports.

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Not so long ago it emerged that Linda Staaf is now the mistress of Commander-in-Chief Micael Bydén, who chose to leave his wife for her after a long marriage.

According to Stoppa Pressarna Among other things, Bydén had taken the younger mistress to a “secret love nest”: a room for the night at Karlberg Castle where ÖB has a residence.

Now it turns out that the female police chief's relationships have created complications even within the police's highest ranks management.

According to Expressen, the deputy national police chief Mats Löfving was reported to the police in December 2021. The report was made by the police's national security chief Ari Stenman after he was in contact with Linda Staaf, who is the plaintiff.

Linda Staaf previously had a relationship with Löfving , and it was he who gave her the top job as head of intelligence at Noa. However, she tells Expressen that she “assumes” that she was hired for her “qualifications for the position”.

According to the report, Löfving could have been guilty of gross breach of the peace, unlawful persecution and/or molestation of Linda Staaf. The crimes would have been committed from January 1, 2015 through November 27, 2021, during Linda Staaf's time at Noa.

Just two days after the report was submitted, however, Chief Prosecutor Anders Jakobsson decided during special investigations not to initiate any preliminary investigation.

– What was written in the documents did not measure up to the crimes he had written. There is nothing in the documents to show that there was any violence or threats or anything like that. In my world, it was more a matter of jealousy, says Jakobsson to Expressen.

Linda Staaf tells Expressen that she did not know that the matter had been reported to the police. She states that she told the head of security that Löfving had not exposed her to any crime.

In September it was reported that Linda Staaf is leaving as head of the police intelligence service at Noa. Instead, she gets a position at the Department of Justice.