Minister Urso: ? possible to rethink car incentives. The column bonus is coming


Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, addressed the issue of electric cars in an interview with La Repubblica. Interview that comes on the eve of the new convocation of the Automotive Table in which we will discuss the of the future of the automotive sector in Italy.

The Minister therefore wanted to talk about some topics such as incentives, charging stations and the appointment of 2035 when it will be possible; the word has been given to the sale of new endothermic cars.


According to the Minister, electric cars must be made more affordable. accessibleas they are perceived as luxury goods, reserved for the few. For this reason, the incentives have been remodulated. As we know, for the ISEE it is 30,000 euros. an extra bonus is foreseen. Adolfo Urso admits that it may be necessary to review the methods; incentive plan. All this, however, under a very specific precondition and that is the dissemination of columns.

You can rethink the ways you work. of incentive, but there is; a precondition: the spread of charging stations to support demand. In the absence of infrastructure, the demand for electric cars cannot grow. take off.

And on the subject of charging points, the Minister recalls that private homes and condominiums will soon have an incentive with a fund of 40 million euroswhich will allow to accelerate the deployment of these infrastructures. In practice, we are talking about an 80% bonus for the purchase and installation of columns, with a limit of 1,500 euros for each applicant. The spending limit rises to 8,000 euros in the case of common parts of condominium buildings.

And on this issue there is a lot of money. a little novelty. This fund was supposed to be valid only for 2022 but it was An amendment to the August Prime Minister's Decree has been proposed to extend the possibility until December 31, 2023; to purchase and install this infrastructure for recharging.


And speaking of the 2035 goal, the Minister underlines how the new government will continue to support the ecological transition process. However, they do not think that this process can only take place with the transition to electric power in such a time frame. short. For this, Adolfo Urso thinks that the 2026 review clause is necessary, when the European Commission will evaluate the the progress made and will decide what to do next. whether to revise the goals. In addition, the new Government is; in favor of maintaining the special regime for manufacturers of small volume vehicles until 2035.

Unlike others, we do not have an ideological vision, we do not read reality; with blinkers, and we defend the principle of neutrality; technological. We believe the revision clause to 2026 is necessary, at which time the Commission will evaluate the possibility. progress made towards achieving 100% emission reduction targets, as well as; the need; to review these objectives taking into account technological developments and the importance of a sustainable and socially just transition.

The Minister then spoke of the need to support the conversion and consolidation of the national automotive supply chain to ensure its sustainability; environmental, as well as such as economic and social. For this reason, the funds made available for the automotive sector must be spent with an adequate industrial vision.

The first intervention is aimed at the offer, financed with 750 million by the automotive fund, concerns the reopening of the branches of the Development Contracts and Innovation Agreements, to encourage the development of the supply chain, promoting the establishment, reconversion and requalification towards innovative production forms and sustainable. There are two main lines of support: productive investments and research&development.

Within the Automotive Table meeting today there will be a new comparison on the interventions. Finally, the Minister also highlights the needs; to create the conditions to favor the growth of the country's automotive industry attracting new investments also through the arrival of foreign car manufacturers.

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