Gogoro brings its electric scooter battery swap service to the Philippines as well


Gogoro continues its expansion plan. As we know, the company – which offers the well-known electric scooter battery swap service in Taiwan, is bringing its service to other countries thanks to a series of agreements with partners locals. Now, it's time to go. the turn of the Philippines.

In recent days, in fact, Gogoro has announced this new project which will be; carried out thanks to the collaboration with Ayala Corporation and with 917Ventures. The companies will initially focus on introducing a zero-emission alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles for the last-mile delivery sector.


So , initially we will start from the with a pilot project within the city; of Manila. Gogoro's electric scooters will be used for the logistics sector, for last mile deliveries as mentioned above. These scooters and the connected battery swap service are expected to be operational during the first quarter of 2023.

If this pilot project will give the the hoped-for fruits, Gogoro will expand & agrave; progressively its battery swap service within the Philippines. The center of gravity of the service offered by this Taiwanese company is; the Gogoro Network, an open and interoperable platform for battery exchange. To date, there are over 520,000 users using it. In total, in over 2,260 locations, there are almost 11,000 GoStations for battery replacement. Every day, says Gogoro, more and more activities are carried out. than 370,000 battery replacements.

We remind you that all those who own a Gogoro electric scooter can replace the flat battery with a charged one at the GoStation in a very short time. This platform developed by the Taiwanese company is continuing to be successful and has pushed other realities into the market. working on the battery swap for electric scooters. Let's think, in this regard, of the consortium created by Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Piaggio to arrive at the creation of a standard of interchangeable batteries.

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