Every fourth young woman is now a snuffer


Published 5 December 2022 at 13.12

Domestic. It has become common among young people to use newer nicotine products such as nicotine snuff and e-cigarettes. Almost every fifth woman aged 16-29 states that they use nicotine snuff, new statistics from the Public Health Agency show.

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The use of both nicotine snuff and e-cigarettes is highest among people in the youngest age group, 16-29 years old.

– Names such as tobacco-free snuff, white snuff and vape can get nicotine products such as nicotine snuff and e-cigarettes to appear less harmful. But nicotine products can have negative health effects on, among other things, the heart and blood vessels. Increased use, through nicotine's addictive properties, can contribute to a negative development of public health, says head of unit Åsa Thornqvist at the Public Health Agency.

The public health survey shows that nicotine snuff is used to a greater extent by young women, which is new as women's use of snuff has previously been low. In the age group 16-29 years, 18 percent of women and 12 percent of men now state that they use nicotine snuff.

For tobacco snuff, the corresponding shares within the age group are 5 percent of women and 18 percent of men. In total, it is therefore almost a quarter of young women and 30 percent of young men who use some form of snus.

Even when it comes to e-cigarettes, increased use is visible within the age group. It increased most among women, from 2 percent last year to 8 percent in 2022.