Electric car battery market: CATL dominance continues


The demand for batteries for electrified cars (hybrid, plug-in and electric) continues to increase month after month. To support the increase in demand from car manufacturers, companies in the sector are investing heavily in increased production of accumulators and in the construction of new factories. The battery market is booming. therefore in strong expansion and SNE Research has taken a snapshot of this sector of the month of October and of the period January-October 2022.

Entering more quickly, the sector is growing rapidly. in detail, in the first 10 months of the year, there is was an overall request for batteries equal to 390.4 GWh. This is an increase of 75.4% over the same period last year. CATL continues to be the leader in this market.


As regards the data for the period January-October 2022, in first place we find, as mentioned before, CATL with a large margin over LG Energy Solution. Third step of the podium for BYD. Then comes Panasonic.

  • CATL: 137.7 GWh (35.3%)
  • LG Energy Solution: 53.7 GWh (13.8%)
  • BYD: 51.5 GWh (13.2%)
  • Panasonic: 30.8 GWh (7.9%)
  • SK On: 24.1 GWh (6.2% )
  • Samsung SDI: 18.9 GWh (4.8%)
  • CALB: 16.3 GWh (4.2%)
  • Gotion Hich Tech : 11.3 GWh (2.9%)
  • Sunwoda: 6.5 GWh (1.7%)
  • EVE: 6.1 GWh (1.3%)< /li>
  • Others: 34.3 GWh (8.8%)

However, moving on to the ranking of the month, we obviously always find CATL largely in the lead. In second place, however, BYD stands outwhich has been growing rapidly in recent months. Third LG Energy Solution and fourth Panasonic.

  • CATL: 18.1 GWh (37.6%)
  • BYD: 7.8 GWh (16.2%)
  • LG Energy Solution: 5.4 GWh (11.3%)
  • Panasonic: 3 GWh (6.3% )
  • SK On: 2.6 GWh (5.4%)
  • Samsung SDI: 2.4 GWh (4.9%)
  • CALB: 2.1 GWh (4.4%)
  • Gotion High Tech: 1.5 GWh (3%)
  • Sunwoda: 0.7 GWh (1.5%)
  • EVE: 0.6 GWh (1.3%)
  • Others: 3.8 GWh (8%)

Data showing as CATL continue month after month to dominate the battery market. Furthermore, it is easy to notice with Asia and, in particular, China, both the center of gravity of this sector more and more; important for the development of electric cars. Europe, as we know, is working to reduce its dependence on Chinese suppliers but the work to be done is much more. still very much.

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