BMW M4, a CS version could come in the future


Apparently there may be some interesting news on the way. as for the BMW M range. Indeed, speaking to the BMW Blog, the CEO of BMW M, Frank Van Meel, said that there could be room for a new BMW M4 CS. A model that would go alongside the BMW M4, the M4 Competition and the M4 CSL.

We know that the German manufacturer is working on the BMW M3 CS which is the new BMW M3 CS. was also the protagonist of some spy shots. As Frank Van Meel recounts, they've always had an M3 CS and an M4 CS in the past. So, since an M3 CS is a must. coming soon, in the range there is; still room for this new sports car.

The words of the BMW M CEO suggest that a BMW M4 CS would be on the program, if not already. under development. Obviously, today the manufacturer is focusing on the launch of the M3 CS, but the next step could just be an M4 CS.


What could a possible M4 CS be like? It should go to be placed between the Competition and the CSL and will have the best results. much in common with the M3 CS. So, there will be a new specific body kit with carbon fiber elementswith the aim of reducing the weight of the car. As for the engine, there should be a variant of the well-known 3-litre twin-turbo 6-cylinder capable of delivering about 540 HP.

The engine should be combined with a 8-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive. In short, just like the M3 CS, the M4 CS should also allow all the lucky ones who will be able to drive it to have fun. Inside the passenger compartment there should be no degrees of novelty. except for the introduction of sports seats, the sports steering wheel and other details that will underline the nature of the car.

The BMW M4 will be the only one that will be available in the future. a model within the reach of a lucky few. The M4 Competition starts at around 108,000 euros, while the CSL from 188,000 euros. Therefore, if this model really arrives, it could cost around 140-150 thousand euros. So, all that remains is to wait for more news. by the German car manufacturer.

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