80-year-old karate trainer scalped electric kick cyclist in Östermalm


Published 5 December 2022 at 09.18

Domestic. A karate trainer in his 80s has been convicted of assaulting a male e-kick cyclist at Östermalm in Stockholm, reports Expressen.

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The incident occurred in January when the elderly karate coach was driving his car on Karlavägen in Östermalm in central Stockholm.

The man on the electric scooter wanted to overtake the karate coach, but this was not possible because it was narrow along the road.

Instead, the karate coach chose to push the man off the road so that the electric kick fell over, writes Expressen. Then the elderly man got out of his car, walked up to the electric kick cyclist and gave him a “Danish skull”.

According to the victim, it was a “proper slap” he received from the karate coach. He started bleeding and his teeth were loose.

– I thought there must be something wrong if you do that in broad daylight. He knew his stuff. He went towards me so quickly, says the electric kick cyclist in questioning according to Expressen.

The karate coach has now been sentenced by the Stockholm district court to a suspended sentence and daily fines for assault.