Weekly review and outlook: Every second ComputerBase reader buys games from key sellers


In the weekly review of the past seven days, the focus today is week 48, 2022. 69 news/notes and 7 tests/reports were published. Which of these have the ComputerBase readers been particularly interested in? What do you recommend for weekend reading?

The fact that the Sunday survey is at the top at the end of the week shows in the cold season: Playing is always an option and is still very popular. The editors wanted to know how, when and where readers are buying new PC games. Which stores and launchers do you use, how do you deal with exclusivity and what role do discount campaigns, free games and key resellers play? was asked – and the answers from over 4,500 participants were only partially as expected.

It was clear that Steam would be at the top in the end, but it was an interesting finding that every second person in the poll also bought from key sellers. The second, real gaming service was GOG, ahead of the industry giants Ubisoft, Epic and others. There are more details in the article.

Most read tests & Reports

  1. Report

    Stores, Launchers & Key resellers How, when and where do you buy new games?

    386 Comments Fabian Vecellio del Monego 100%

  2. Review

    Amazon Fire TV Cube (2022) streaming box with Wi-Fi 6E, AV1, HDMI-In and voice control

    119 comments Frank Hüber 79%

  3. Report

    Custom Mechanical Keyboards Update Recommendations for Barebones, Switches, Keycaps and Mods

    197 Comments Manuel Prislan 69%

  4. Review

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Large 15-inch flap, not enough behind it

    88 comments Nicolas La Rocco 60%

  5. < img src="/wp-content/uploads/ba8a1e3bb0b2390061cdb9d37dce9479.jpg" /> Test

    Teufel Zola Adjustable headset with a convincing microphone

    39 Comments Michael Schäfer 54%

  6. Test

    MP600 GS 2 TB Corsairs second row relies on the Phison E21T and TLC

    23 Comments Michael Günsch 45%

  7. Retro

    Reviewed 15 years ago Scythe Ninja Cu, the limited copper block

    95 comments Robert McHardy 41%

There was only second place for the new Amazon Fire TV Cube (2022). Amazon evaluates the 3rd generation Fire TV Cube with HDMI input, tri-band WLAN with Wi- Fi 6E, AV1 support, USB port with NTFS support and LAN port clearly on. The Alexa voice control is unbeatable and can also control connected devices if desired. Only Google Cast and Apple AirPlay are still missing.

After months of releasing new preview versions of Fritz!OS 7.50 via the Fritz!Lab, AVM is now starting to distribute the new operating system for the company's Fritz!Boxes. The first router to receive the update is the Fritz!Box 7590 and not the newer Fritz!Box 7590 AX.

Most read news & Notes

  1. 1 Fritz!OS 7.50 AVM releases firmware update for Fritz!Box 100%
  2. 2 The Callisto Protocol Urgent patch fixes jerky disaster on the PC 97%
  3. 3 CPU rumors AMD Ryzen 7000X3D three times (almost) without clock loss 93%
  4. 4 PlayStation 5 Two years after the market launch available two days for the first time 80%
  5. 5 AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX & XT Sapphire revives the Vapor-X with RDNA3 80%
  6. 6 Lost Between Worlds Far Cry 6 breaks away from reality 78%
  7. 7 mobile network test Telekom wins “outstanding” ahead of Vodafone and O2 62%
  8. 8 Volkswagen New ID.3 should be higher quality and costs much more 60%

The coming week is among other things in focus for testing the new AMD Radeon RX 7900 family. As is well known, this should be available in stores on December 13th, so test preparations are underway, and a first article was already published there: Once again, Intel's Arc graphics cards with current drivers face the solutions from AMD and Nvidia.

With this reading material in your luggage, the editors wish you a relaxing Sunday!