The left-wing extremists who torment Uddevalla


Published 3 December 2022 at 12.22

Domestic. The Syndicalist Youth Union (SUF) in Uddevalla is behind several years of left-wing terror in Bohuslän. Who runs the business has been unknown, but now Avmaskerat publishes a comprehensive survey of the people behind the organization.

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In 2019, the extreme left in Uddevalla established a joint movement under two names, where “SUF Uddevalla” represented the organizational and academic activities and “AFA Fyrbodal” had to sign the threats of violence and the nocturnal home visits to dissenters.

In 2020, the movement gave rise to a family with children where the father participated in a radio program that the left-wing activists considered to be racist. The family received, among other things, a severed goat's head with an AFA sticker thrown on the plot, and finally the activists set fire to the family's car.

In September 2022, a couple was subjected to arson, again this time because of alleged racism. It happened on the night of the first of September, when “AFA Fyrbodal” also set fire to their car.

It is not known which person physically carried out the crimes, but on the other hand, the leading people behind the operation have now been mapped by Avmaskerat – despite the fact that they did their best to remain anonymous. In pictures from SUF's meetings in Uddevalla, the board has, among other things, pixelated their faces before posting them on their Facebook.

According to Avmaskerat, only SUF Uddevalla's spokesperson Jakob Alehed, 22, has a public role in the organization, as he participated openly in several activities. He is the son of a left-wing boomer named Ingrid Svensson, and his ex-girlfriend Anna Sandelin and current girlfriend Moa Kantola are also active in the organization – shows pictures that Avmaskerat publishes.

The leading SUF activist Marcia Escobar, 30, can also be seen in several of the pictures of SUF Uddevalla's principals that Avmaskerat posted.

A third person in the organization who proved to have a significant role is Caroline Maria Karlsson, 24, from Ljungskile.

The 24-year-old was noticed on August 13, 2021 when she, in a noticeably drunken state, began to butt heads with Exakt24's journalist Christian Peterson during a feminist street party in Gothenburg. Both Escobar and Karlsson can be seen in several pictures where they organize activities in the name of “SUF Uddevalla”.