Pizza baker deported to Turkey


Published 3 December 2022 at 13.49

Foreign. After seven years in Sweden without asylum, the pizza baker Mahmut Tat, who was convicted of terrorist crimes in Turkey, has finally been allowed to go home.

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He left his wife and children in Turkey in 2015 and moved to Sweden after he was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Turkish court for “cooperation with a terrorist organization”.

Tat applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015 to avoid the punishment but was refused. But just like many others, he has still chosen to stay in Sweden and ignore the authorities' decisions.

Something that generally works perfectly. But now there was no better option than that Sweden wanted to join NATO and last Tuesday Mahmut Tat was arrested when he came home from work at the pizzeria.

He was first driven to the detention center in Mölndal and yesterday he was flown to Istanbul where he was immediately arrested by Turkish police.