ownCloud 2.0 without database: Infinite Scale released after four years of development


The cloud software ownCloud Infinite Scale (“oCIS”) – or ownCloud 2.0 – has now been officially released after more than four years of development. It manages entirely without a database or web server. This eliminates the limitations of the previous approach for the first time in favor of native cloud compute technology.

Backend with micro services instead of LAMP

For ownCloud, the introduction of Infinite Scale (“oCIS”) is equivalent to the change from LAMP, a combined use of programs based on Linux to create dynamic websites, which uses the free system kernel with the HTTP web server Apache, the database MySQL and the PHP programming language combined, towards a new backend based on Google's Go programming language, which is intended to use micro-services to overcome many of the limitations of the earlier approach, which is no longer sufficient in many scenarios.

The highlights of ownCloud Infinite Scale (“oCIS”) read as follows, according to the developers:

  • Native cloud technology
  • Reva framework with CS3 APIs
  • Micro-Services and OpenID Connect
  • New clients in Vue.js for PC, Android and iOS
  • Written in Go programming language

Clients for Web, PC, Android and iOS

ownCloud Infinite Scale (“oCIS”) was developed in cooperation with the nuclear research center CERN and is available as server software on the ownCloud download server for Linux and the architectures i386, AMD64 and ARM64 and for macOS with x86-64 and Apple Silicon ready for download.

The new native clients for PC, Android and iOS are to follow soon, as well as the new web client add.