Five more are sentenced for Koran riots


Published 3 December 2022 at 09.56

Domestic. Five men were sentenced on Friday for gross sabotage against blue light activities in connection with the Koran riots in Linköping at Easter. The sentence was between 10 months of youth supervision and 4 years in prison.

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According to the district court, the five men together and in agreement with each other and several other accomplices “attacked and disrupted police operations by using violence and threats of violence against police officers and damaged police vehicles used in the operation”.


The crime occurred on April 14 in the Skäggetorp district in Linköping, during the riot that occurred during Rasmus Paludan's planned visit.

The district court has assessed that the violence and threats were directed at the police in their call-out and crime-fighting activities with the aim of making their work more difficult and hindering. The court has therefore assessed the act as sabotage against blue light operations.

In an overall assessment, the district court has assessed the act as serious. The penalty has been assessed to be four years in prison.

Gross sabotage against blue light operations can, however, lead to life imprisonment, according to the law.

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