BMW iX5 Hydrogen, the (small) production of the Fuel Cell SUV starts


BMW does not focus only on electric for the future. As we know, the German manufacturer looks favorably also to hydrogen-related technology. Precisely for this reason, thanks to the collaboration with Toyota, it has developed a variant of its X5 SUV powered by a Fuel Cell powertrain. After several tests, the car manufacturer has finally started production of this vehicle at its plant in Munich. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be on display. made in a limited number of specimens.


The small fleet of Fuel Cell SUVs that BMW will produce will be used in a series of pilot projects which will serve to verify the validity of the project. of this technology and its potential; for the future. The vehicles will be on the road from spring 2023. If the feedback that the builder will receive is on the use of these cars will be positive, it could decide, in the future, to create additional models based on Fuel Cell technology.

The German brand, in fact, says it is sure that hydrogen is destined to play an ever more important role in the sector. important in the future and, for this reason, it is considering it as another option to complement 100% electric cars. And precisely in this regard, Frank Weber, member of the BMW board of directors, commented:

We are confident that hydrogen is set to acquire significant importance for the mobility of the world. individual and therefore we consider a combination of battery-electric and fuel-cell drive systems to be a sensible long-term approach. Fuel cells also do not require critical raw materials such as cobalt, lithium or nickel, so by investing in this type of drive system we are also strengthening the geopolitical resilience of the BMW Group. Our BMW iX5 Hydrogen test fleet will enable us to deliver the best results. to gain new and valuable insights, enabling us to present customers with a range of exciting products once the hydrogen ecosystem becomes global. a reality; widespread.

Speaking of the new Fuel Cell SUV, the German brand has added a few small details in addition to those already available. notice. From the Spartanburg plant in the United States comes the "base" of the vehicle. The X5 SUV is then modified in Germany with the introduction of a new platform specially designed to integrate the hydrogen tanks, the Fuel Cell system and the electric motor. Specifically, BMW has placed the two tanks in the central tunnel and under the rear seat. Tanks capable of containing up to 6 kg of hydrogen (at a pressure of 700 bar).

Remember that the powertrain has a fifth generation eDrive electric motor capable of delivering 275 kW/374 hp. The engine is positioned in the rear axle area (together with a battery with an unspecified capacity). The fuel cells placed under the bonnet of the SUV, on the other hand, produce a continuous power of 125 kW/170 HP.

BMW believes a lot in the Fuel Cell. this project and if the German builder really will go; to create additional models to debut in the coming years.

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