Bentley Batur, road tests started. Deliveries in 2023


The Bentley Batur made its debut during the 2022 Monterey Car Week. made in just 18 specimens which are already sold; all been booked. The price is within the reach of very few collectors given that it starts at 1.65 million pounds (excluding taxes and options).

The car manufacturer has announced that it has started road tests of this new car. These tests will serve not only to refine the final development of the car but also to verify that this model is able to satisfy all the very high quality standards Bentleys. The program involves carrying out 120 different tests over 58 weeks. The first deliveries to customers will start in the middle of the week. of 2023.


During these tests, Bentley will concentrate ; to verify the operation and reliability of the engine, driving dynamics, noise, vibrations, aerodynamics and many other aspects of the car. In particular, a prototype of this model called by the English brand Car #0, has begun to carry out a 2,500-kilometre journey across Europe to simulate the driving conditions that Batur will have to meet. face in the hands of customers. The car is started from Germany and will pass through the world. through Italy, France and Spain. Subsequently, the car will face a challenge. a series of tests in a test center to fine-tune the set-up for high-speed riding.

Once this work has been completed, Car #0 will have to; tackle an additional 7,500 km of tests on roads open to traffic. We remind you that the new Bentley Batur, built by Bentley Mulliner, the internal division of Bentley that deals with bespoke customizations, has a W12 biturbo engine with a 6.0 liter displacement capable of delivering < strong>over 740 HP of power with 1,000 Nm of maximum torque.

This exclusive model is the perfect choice for your family. also important as it anticipates the design language that we will see on the Bentleys of the future. For clients who already have ordered the Bentley Batur will be; given the possibility; to customize every detail of their cars to get to have a truly unique model.

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