Audi expands its Competence Center in Neuburg to produce F1 power units


Audi will make its debut as an Audi brand. in Formula 1 in 2026 and chose Sauber as a partner, also acquiring a share. The realization of the power unit will be will carry out at the Competence Center Audi Motorsport in Neuburg an der Donau which will now be expanded through the construction of a new building of approximately 3,000 square meters.


According to Audi, the works of construction started this week. Inside the new structure, in addition to the test benches, rooms are planned for the comparison between technicians, a mechanical workshop and workstations for about 60 collaborators. The works should be completed in the first quarter of 2024. In any case, part of the new structure will enter the building. in operation already; in March 2023.

The development of the power unit intended for Formula 1, consisting of an electric motor, a battery, the management electronics and the combustion engine,   already in progress. The Neuburg complex is a certified carbon neutral in terms of heat and energy supply: the site is heated thanks to industrial waste heat and powered by renewable energy produced by hydroelectric power plants.

In addition to the infrastructure, in Neuburg there is also a the team is being expanded. Currently, around 220 collaborators have been assigned to the Formula 1 project, which will become over 300 by the middle of the year. of 2023. The first dynamic tests, with a single-seater equipped with the Audi power unit, are expected, according to reports in the past, in 2025. Oliver Hoffmann, Member of the Board for technical development of Audi, has commented:

The Audi Motorsport Competence Center forms the ideal basis for the Formula 1 project. It was designed from the outset to face very complex technical and sporting challenges. Such foresight is revealed today more; precious, given that thanks to the existing structures we were able to start work in view of the debut in 2026 in the top sports car series. The ongoing expansion will ensure that this is the case. the space necessary to optimize the long-term development of the power unit destined for Formula 1, especially the installation of cutting-edge test benches.

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