Tesla Semi, deliveries have started. New details on the electric truck


Tesla has kicked off deliveries of its Tesla Semi electric truck. The American automaker held a small event as it is today. usual to do when the deliveries of its new models begin. We remind you that the first company to receive the electric truck is; it was Pepsi. During this event, the manufacturer also shared some further small technical information about its electric truck and also added some details about the 800 km journey on a single charge that the Tesla Semi made recently and which caused a lot of discussion.


To get to this moment there is a lot of time. it took a really long time, 5 years. In fact, the Tesla Semi was presented in 2017. The original plans envisaged a debut on the road in a couple of years but, as we know, there have been several delays which have caused the first deliveries to customers to be postponed considerably.

Tesla made this electric truck to make it easier for you to drive. sustainable transport sector. Musk explained that Class 8 trucks make up just 1% of vehicles in the United States, but contribute 20% of US truck emissions and 36% of particulate matter emissions.

The electric truck features a powertrain very similar to that of the Tesla Model S Plaid. So, we have 3 electric motors. Specifically, traveling at speeds that constant, only one thruster is used to maximize efficiency.

When more power is required, the other two kick in. To demonstrate the performance of the Tesla Semi, the manufacturer showed a short video in which the electric truck easily overtakes a diesel truck on a road with a gradient of 6%.

And in terms of autonomy, as mentioned at the beginning, there was a great deal. returned to talk about the Tesla Semi's journey of 500 miles (800 km) on a single charge. During the short event it's time to talk. a timelapse of the trip was shown and above all a graph of the route with the height differences and the battery charge trend.

Tesla reiterated that the his Tesla Semi offers consumption of less than 2 kWh per mile.

And as far as energy supplies are concerned, the Tesla Semi will be able to take advantage of the new 1 MW charging technology that Tesla has developed. Columns that will soon be added inside the Supercharger stations.

The statement that the Tesla Cybertruck will also be available is very interesting. compatible with this charging technology. During the event, some details were added concerning the cab of the truck where the driver will be able to see the vehicle. have an advanced infotainment system based on two large screens, wireless charging for smartphones and other devices designed to facilitate the use of this vehicle.

The Tesla Semi is the only one we've ever seen. so ready to hit the road. It will be therefore it is very interesting to find out the first feedback from those who will use it; for work to understand if he will really succeed; to keep, in real use, what the car manufacturer promised.

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