PC market stable: The classic PC cannot be killed


Although the end of this year will end with a decline in many areas, the PC market will remain virtually stable until 2026. This is primarily due to the classic solutions, but the tablet market will also remain largely stable after a slight decline.

The PC market has often been declared dead in the last 10, 15 years, and many innovations, including tablets, should take over this position. But every year he belies these statements, and even if things go downhill at the end of the year due to the economy, he is simply stable for the next few years. This can even be observed across the board, one market may drop a percent, another gain slightly, but by and large the level will remain the same until 2026.

PC market will remain stable until 2026 (Image: IDC)

After the boom last year, the crash at the end of this year is quite striking in some areas. Most new purchases of PC systems, also triggered by the corona crisis, have ended, the now high inflation and everyday worries are pushing purchases of PC systems further back. In percentage terms, the greatest savings are in the public sector, down 22.6 percent, but the almost ten percent drop in the end customer segment is the largest item in terms of the number of units.

However, the market researchers found that despite the decline, deliveries are still above the level that was encountered before the corona crisis. However, the market now has to stabilize, high inventories could sometimes be sold off more cheaply and thus stabilize the sales figures, which are also likely to fall again in the coming year. IDC believes there will be a refresh cycle for PCs from 2024.

IDC believes that tablets will also undergo a similar development. It will struggle in the coming year, but will then stabilize alongside the PC market.

The tablet market remains difficult but also largely stable (Image: IDC)