Loupedeck Live S: Live streaming console becomes more compact and cheaper


With the Loupedeck Live S, the Finnish manufacturer Loupedeck presents a more compact and equally affordable version of the Loupedeck Live. Again, it is a control console for live streaming and for creative production applications, which is intended to optimize workflows with touchscreen, buttons and rotary controls.

Just a few days ago, ComputerBase tested Elgato's Stream Deck+. As the manufacturer's first control console, the model offers rotary controls, four of them in number. But the idea is not new: The Loupedeck Live has been offering rotary controls for two years now – and since summer this year also as a basis for the Razer Stream Controller. However, both variants have a recommended retail price of around 270 euros, while the Stream Deck+ costs around 230 euros. The new Loupedeck Live S now undercuts the competition again: around 180 euros are on the price tag.

A smaller Loupedeck Live

< p class="p text-width">This is accompanied by a reduction in the analogue action buttons to just four instead of eight. The savings in tactile knobs with push function are even more drastic; the Loupedeck Live offers six of these, while the S variant only has two. As with Elgato, the rotary encoders are used, for example, to control different audio tracks, to mute a microphone or to adjust the brightness of a backlight in the live stream.

In return, however, the number of switchblade keys, which are implemented via a touch display on the Loupedeck Live S, has been increased from twelve to 15. Since a total of 14 virtual pages can be configured, much more space is offered in practice. All input options are freely programmable.

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Loupedeck Live S (Image: Loupedeck)

The test of the Stream Deck+ proved that the software is decisive for such control consoles anyway. Loupedeck also supports numerous streaming programs, including Twitch Studio, OBS, Streamlabs or Voicemod. Other plugins include Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro. It is therefore not only possible, for example, to set the audio output of a live stream and play sound effects, but also to support the workflow with creative productive applications such as image editing programs, video editing programs or mixing and master applications.

The focus is on livestreaming

Ultimately, it's the Loupedeck Live S – and the name already gives it away – but a control console that is primarily designed for live streaming scenarios. For the other areas of application mentioned, Loupedeck has specialized input devices on offer with the Loupedeck+, which is based on the classic Loupedeck (test), and the Loupedeck CT.

ComputerBase received information about this notification from Loupedeck under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.