Kanye West Banned From Twitter – Again


Published 2 December 2022 at 13.17

Foreign. Rapper Kanye West has been banned from Twitter again. This time he allegedly posted a picture that showed a swastika combined with a Star of David.

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According to the new Twitter owner Elon Musk – who knows Kanye West – the suspension is due to violations of the rule against “incitement to hatred”.

The rapper was recently banned from Twitter after writing critical things about Jews, but Musk allowed him back.

Kanye West participated in an interview with Alex Jones on Infowars on Thursday. Wearing a mask that covered his face, he spoke positively about Adolf Hitler, among other things.

– I see good things about Hitler. Every human being has something valuable to contribute, especially Hitler, he said.

He also stated that he “loves Nazis” just as he “loves Jews”.

Kanye West also now announces that his plan to buy Twitter competitor Parler is scrapped. Parlement Technologies, which owns Parler, states that the decision was made jointly in November.