Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS: Professional CPUs for workstations & HEDT offer 6 to 56 cores


The overall picture of the upcoming Intel Sapphire Rapids WS for workstations and possibly also the HEDT segment is coming together. CPU models could appear in two series, covering an entire range from a low six or eight up to 56 cores.

An Intel (Xeon) W9-3495 appeared in public for the first time this summer. 56 cores, 112 threads and AVX-512 clearly indicated that this is Sapphire Rapids as a single CPU solution, just as a workstation processor is also used. Exactly this model is again named as the flagship in the new rumors. However, it gets many smaller offshoots, which are now outlined for the first time in a rough configuration. When it comes to the number of models, the workstation platform could turn out to be more extensive than previously expected.

However, Intel is not completely reinventing the wheel, because basically all of this has existed before, just not in each of the last generations. What is meant is the division into the 2000 and 3000 series. The new Xeon W-3400 follow the current Xeon W-3300 based on Ice Lake-SP, the Xeon W-2400 would inherit the old Xeon W-2200 – here there was recently no successor and the last test subject is Cascade Lake-SP based on the LGA 2066 socket from 2019. The division into two would also mean a reduction in certain features this year, although the processor socket will probably remain identical.

16 CPUs in two classes

The Xeon W-3400 are therefore based on the multi-chip design, which Intel has already shown very often. It also brings the eight-channel memory and 112 PCIe 5.0 lanes. The smaller Xeon E-2400, on the other hand, is based on a single, classic CPU design. However, the monolithic die only offers half the possibilities, such as quad-channel RAM and 64 PCIe lanes. This information was also provided from another source almost a week ago.

Alleged lineup for Sapphire Rapids-WS (Picture: Bilibili)

The model range that has now been named in China coincides with previous rumors in other points. Among other things, these relate to the abbreviation “X” for overclockable variants, which could also be an indication of a HEDT solution. A week ago it was said that more than five models should be overclockable; the new list now even mentions eight of them, four each in the 3400 and 2400 families. According to the current status, there are a total of 16 processors, starting with six and eight cores and serving almost every level up to 56 cores.

The first quarter of 2023 was last set as the start date suspected, also with the tendency that it could be April before CPUs and systems from the workstation and HEDT area are on the market. Since the regular launch of Intel Sapphire Rapids is due on January 10, 2023, everyone else has to queue up behind it.