Here, Hanif runs Bali with “generation Greta”


Published 2 December 2022 at 17.55

Domestic. M politician Hanif Bali mocks the idea of ​​a “generation Greta” by posing in front of retired climate activists.

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For years, the media has talked about a “Greta generation” of children and young people who are allegedly driving the climate movement.

Not only Greta Thunberg but also others have been highlighted as spokespeople as minors for the so-called climate. And today's youth are said to have death anxiety because the earth will soon perish due to emissions from cows and other things.

However, the idea of ​​generation Greta has come into question, not least since the school election showed that Swedish students in fact are significantly less left-wing than the population as a whole.

The moderate politician Hanif Bali has taken notice of this in a jokey post on Twitter that is now widely circulated. In the tweet, there is a picture showing Bali posing in front of a group of older climate activists.

“Found generation Greta! Super cute!” writes the M profile.