Fuels, the reduction in the cut in excise duties begins to affect prices


The Italian government, as we know, has decided to reduce the cut in excise duties in December. Starting yesterday, the cut in excise duties on petrol and diesel is now in effect. increased from 30.5 euro cents (VAT included) to 18.3 euro cents. This led to an obvious increase in prices to give one's car less fuel. A price increase that motorists obviously do not expect. loved it.


Today, thanks to the surveys carried out on the price trend of December 1st, the first indications on the new average costs of fuels at service stations arrived. So, how much does it cost, after the reduction of the cut in excise duties, to fill up your car?

According to the data reported by Quotidiano Energia, prices are obviously on the rise. However, they do not yet fully reflect the new “tax weight” due to technical times for updating the data.

However, the average price of petrol in mode; self is; of 1.696 euros per litre, with the various brands ranging between 1.676 and 1.723 euros per liter (no logo 1.697 euros per litre). As for the diesel in mode; self, the average price is self. attested at 1.775 euros per litre, with companies between 1.756 and 1.807 euros per liter (no logo 1.771 euros per litre).

Switching to petrol in mode served, on December 1st the national average was; attested at 1.839 euros per litre, with systems with prices between 1.795 and 1.886 euros per liter (no logo 1.751 euros per litre). The diesel, on the other hand, in served, has an average price of 1.918 euros per litre, with company outlets with average prices between 1.873 and 1.965 euros per liter (no logo 1.823 euros per litre).

The prices charged for LPG range from 0.772 to 0.790 euros per liter (no logo 0.758 euros per liter). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2.124 and 2.413 euros (no logo 2.282 euros).

The trend over the next few days will depend on the market. obviously from how it will evolve; the market. As we know, on December 4th there will be an event. an OPEC+ meeting. The decisions taken could influence the crude oil market, also leading to possible increases with consequences on fuel costs. On this point, however, one cannot do nothing but wait for news on this meeting.

The reduction in the excise cut is valid only for the month of December. We still don't know what it will be. the decision of the current government for the month of January 2023. The cut in excise duties, even in a reduced form, could be reconfirmed again for a further month or could be eliminated altogether. We can only wait for the official decision of the Italian Government.

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