Every second Swede does not know GDPR


Published 2 December 2022 at 11.17

EU. A new report from the Swedish Data Protection Authority, IMY, points out, among other things, that only one in two Swedes knows about the GDPR and that only one in five Swedes protects their personal data.

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The Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, began to be applied in May 2018. In short, the regulation means that the rights of individuals are strengthened and the requirements increase on how companies, authorities and other organizations handle individuals' personal data.

The report that IMY is now publishing, however, points out that now, four years after the introduction of the data protection regulation, half of the population does not know about the regulation.

– This is worrying because a prerequisite for being able to protect one's personal data in various contexts is partly to know that the regulations exist, and also to be able to use the rights when you need to, says Andra Amft. who is an analyst at IMY and who produced the report, in a dispatch.

The report “Digital integrity 2022” is based on a survey carried out by Kantar Sifo on behalf of IMY. The survey consists of 1,000 web interviews with people aged 18–79.

According to the survey, most Swedes feel safe with how authorities use personal data, while a third worry about how companies use personal data. Despite this, the survey shows that 6 out of 10 rarely or never read terms of use.

– Despite many people worrying about privacy risks, both from cyber attacks and new technology, only one in five Swedes protect their personal data.