“Epadunk” challenges hip-hop in Sweden


Published 2 December 2022 at 09.50

Cultural news. A song from the genre epadunk is the one that most Swedish Spotify users have listened to in the past year.

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“Kan inte gå” with Falubandet Bolaget became the most played song on Spotify in Sweden, with over 30 million listens.

This is shown by Spotify's annual compilation “Spotify Wrapped”.< /p>

But otherwise, it's mostly hippie-hop in the top list. Of the ten most played artists, eight sing in Swedish, and six of these in the hip-hop genre.

– It is one of the big trends that Swedish hip-hop retains its grip, above all on the young listeners. The other big trend is the relatively new genre epa-dunk, which has completely exploded this year, and the company symbolizes that explosion, says Johan Seidefors, Nordic content manager at Spotify, to TT.

The most played songs on Spotify in Sweden
1. The company: “Can't go”
2. Victor Leksell, Einár: “Your song”
3. Miss Li: “X”
4. Loam, Adaam: “Fakka ur”
5. Harry Styles: “As It was”
6. Jireel: “Mano”
7. Cornelia Jakobs: “Hold me closer”
8. Medina: “Into the fog”
9. Lost Frequencies, Calum Scott: “Where are you now”
10. Ed Sheeran: “Shivers”