CES 2023, Stellantis present? the new Ram and Peugeot concepts


At CES 2023, Stellantis will be on display. present and will illustrate; his strategy for a "mobilityà clean, safe and sustainable for all'. In Las Vegas, the CEO of the Group, Carlos Tavares, will present a world premiere of two new concepts: the Ram 1500 Revolution Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Concept and the Peugeot Inception Concept. The presentation of the new prototypes will be held at the conference. on the night of January 5, 2023.


We talked about the Peugeot Inception Concept recently. It will be about of prototype that will show & agrave; the latest technologies developed by the French manufacturer. In particular, according to what Stellantis says, the new concept will allow; to find out how Peugeot has decided to use the next generation cockpit platforms to improve the driving experience, revising the interior spaces of the car and the functionalities; available thanks to the use of the new generation of Peugeot i-Cockpit.

It will be the Ram concept is also very interesting. We know that the manufacturer is working on an electric pickup to be launched on the American market in the future. According to what has been said, this prototype will be; based on the new STLA Frame platform designed explicitly for electric cars. In addition, it will have the of functionality; advanced technologies.

So, it's a must. It is possible that the concept anticipates the contents of Ram's future electric pickup. In about a month, therefore, we will know much more. Stellantis, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas therefore wants to show another piece of its future, made up not only of electric vehicles but also of cars equipped with functionalities; advanced. As we know, the Group has entered into various collaboration agreements to develop next-generation platforms for infotainment systems and for assisted driving.

Given the topics that will be covered, it is a matter of course. It is possible that further novelties may emerge as well. on the electrification and digitization plan of the Stellantis Group.

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